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Using Box to back up a WordPress Website Database

I recently got a very generous upgrade from Box, it came out of the blue and was a real surprise, my problem now is what to do with all the extra space I have available.

First up was moving my automated WordPress website backups from Dropbox. I’ve been using the same plugin for years to back up the database from all of mine and my client’s websites — WP DB Backup — it simply creates a MySQL dump of your WordPress database and either stores it on your hosting account or emails it to you. Backups can be set hourly, daily or weekly. I previously emailed the backup to myself, then set up a filter in Gmail to forward it on to Dropbox via SendtoDropbox, the problem with this is that all the backups went into a single folder along with anything else I sent and uploaded via SendtoDropbox. Not ideal.

Version 2 has a set of folders — one for each website — set up on my Box account. Now, Box gives you the option of a unique email address to send attachments as uploads to specific folders, perfect for my needs, no more Gmail filters and forwarding. I just add the unique email address to the WP DB Backup settings page for each website and leave it to do its thing. Simple.

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